Sunday, October 28, 2012

Adding a little bit more soul

The shoulders shown are warlock only, but I've added an alternative
for non-warlocks.
Purple is one of my most favorite colours, its fortunate for me that my class is too. I like experimenting with new-found pieces, a challenge to match something with that one piece that looks so good on your character. Now a couple of weeks back I found a good looking chest piece model that fits really well on a female toon, sleeveless - just a top. Decked in the colours blue and purple, I decided that this is a piece I'd like to find a mog for. It wasnt an easy task, since I wanted to include a bit of blue aswell. It's an unique shade of blue, so I had a bit of a struggle finding the right pieces together.
It's a beautiful shade, and unique - Since non-robe mog's are quite rare in my voidstorage, this has easily become of my favorite mog-sets.

I still have a bit of an issue with the 'rugged'
model pants, cavewoman style, but the colour fits so well with the rest, it had alot more bonus points than the other pieces.

The boots are quite awesome looking by itself (again, the colours are just amazing), and sometimes you just want to show a bit more leg - other than the usual cover-up!
The cloth pattern for the chestpiece is known to have a 2% if I must believe WoWhead - eventhough I'd visited Karazhan on my warlock before, I'd never seen it drop, but when I prepared myself to 'farm' this pattern by killing the mobs that can drop this pattern - resetting the instance over and over, I had the most amazing luck and it dropped for me from the first mob.

Picture shown with the alternative leggings :
Darkweave Breeches

List of items used :

Weapon : Lightning Rod (heroic)

: Since the shoulders in the screenshot are warlock only (sorry!) - I found an alternative for the shoulders : Vindicator Shoulderpads. They are less bright, but they still make the chest piece come out well. I suggest changing your haircut to something 'full' since it looks better.
If you don't like the pants, for the same reasons that I almost decided differently, I also found an alternative for those, it's not the same colour purple of the rest, but I thought that it matched the set better than the other available options : Darkweave Breeches

If you have trouble aswell with finding a mog with a piece of armor you like, I'm happy to help you find a set that goes along with it! (via Request-a-mog)


  1. Oooh I've always wanted to use this top! I love the last one it's so elegant and sleek!

  2. Thank you :-) Loving the colours alot <3