Saturday, September 29, 2012

Level 90 and then some

It's been four days since the launch of Mists - I've dinged level 90 two days ago after nonstop questing. It was a messy launch on Twisting-Nether, I didnt manage to log in untill 1,5 hours after the official launch, continued to lag quite badly for another 30 minutes. But after a few DC's and 'world server downs', all was well. It was a battle to tag mobs, managing to click items before someone else does it (whilst you are killing the mobs around it)
But now that I've passed that, the real 'farming' starts!
Been doing dailies for several factions every day to be able to buy gear for our first guilds raid this thursday.
As I'm also doing a few heroics per day, I don't want to transmog my gear since I'm getting about one piece per day, and it's a bit of a hassle to transmog it daily.
But instead I will show you a set made from collecting a few greens and pieces from leveling in Mists of Pandaria. I will show the set to you as if I mogged it. Awesome new looking skins!

'Mog' shown from the back, with
Staff of Trembling Will

The list of items that I'm wearing on the screenshot :

Weapon : Polished Staff or Staff of Trembling Will(heroic)

I really like my Soulcloth Gloves, it's definitely a piece to pick up if you're into mogging like me, its a very 'universal' item since it goes well with most things, especially if you are wearing a robe or so, and the only thing that you see is the golden line on your hands.

The red cricket pet shown on the screenshot is a gift I got from becoming best friends with Sho from the Tillers. I hope it stays this size just because companions are so tiny normally, but I wouldnt be shocked if Blizzard decides to shrink it :-)

Aaaaaaand I'm back to farming and doing dailies again!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Are you ready for Mists of Farmdaria?

So I've leveled my Archaeology up from 100 to 500-ish (for the fourth time around), tried my best to clear out as much from my bag and crafted some dreamcloth to get a bit of a headstart leveling my tailoring. Eventhough I did not achieve my goal to get 14k achievement points, I've gotten pretty close in such a relatively short time. Started out with 13360 points.. and I ended up with..

That's almost 600 points in 20 days :-)
I didnt manage to finish all the achievements in pvp, still lacking some for the Battlemaster meta, but that's ok, since I'll be doing bg's for honor in MoP anyway.
My plan is to level as fast as possible to level 90, and see from there what I'll do, perhaps I'll start leveling my pet afterwards, or do some archy.. Oh well, we'll see, so many new things to do!
I found a set that would pretty much fit the expansion and the upcoming new adventures that come along with it. I focused pretty much on the 'farming' aspect, since that's what it's mostly gonna be for a couple of weeks (farming pets, cloth, some more pets, vegetables..)

With messy hillbilly hair included -
staff shown without enchant

As usual, here is the list of items
Weapon : Conifer Cone Staff (If you are lucky, you can get this for a steal from AH)

I have alot of things to add to this list, there are many alternatives and such. What I wouldn't give to obtain a pair of Kurkenstoks.. Perhaps going to alliance and back would solve basically all my shoe issues.. Hmm.
Anyway, I tried to create an image that I'd be wearing it around my neck, like in the movies.. but I suppose I can just say that I'm allergic to hay, and therefore I shall cover my nose..

If you do not like these dorky socks-in-sandals, perhaps you'll find Abjurer's Boots to be a better alternative.
The headpiece can also be a simple hat of any colour.
If you want to stick to red, Crimson Felt Hat or the alliance quest item : Mirren's Drinking Hat.
I prefer red to go with the blue pants and so on, so I went for a Red Lumberjack Shirt. The shirts are also available in green, yellow and blue.

The gloves and wrists were difficult to match, and I'm not sure if I'm entirely satisfied on the result on the set, but hey, its a fun-mog and I hope everyone gets the hint that I'm going for the hillbilly look. I swapped my
Cindercloth Gloves and Deathsilk Bracers last minute for an easier option that matches the gold-ish colour on my belt and legs. With the gloves and the bracers I tried to find minimal showing/blending items that fade in the dark shade of red, so if you prefer that, I posted the links for those items too.

Since the overalls are a chest item, the legs do not really matter if you're not too picky like me, heh. The 'pipe' of the overalls change depending on what kind of leg item you are wearing, so for example with a Simple Kilt they will extend into a 'dress' - So you have to imagine that the lowerpart of the kilt gets added to the overalls. I did not use this because its a different shade of blue and I personally didn't think that it matched well together.
The Aurora Pants looked best since the 'pipe' turns into a bit of a flared jeans kinda look.

With my Glyph of Verdant Spheres it shows green 'limes' around my toon, but you can also make them dissappear whilst not in combat with Glyph of Subtlety

Last but not least, I want to wish everyone a great time in MoP, be sure to take breaks when leveling and most of all have fun ofcourse! <3

Thursday, September 20, 2012

A tribute to the lost.. and newly found

Now with matching pet! Meet my white eyes blue dragon ^^
Many changes have happend since the 5.0.4 patch. One of them being the instance Scholomance. Since it's an level 90 heroic instance aswell as a lowlevel one (exactly like Deadmines), they have updated and taken away some items. Items like Sawbones Shirt and Alanna's Embrace are no longer available. Such a shame, since I love pink robes and I hate to see them dissappear from the game. When I first heard that they were going to redo scholomance, I went and farmed it for a couple of days, 5 instances per hour. With a 2% droprate I was very lucky to have it drop so 'last minute' for me, since I had only just rerolled to my warlock. There was no feedback that the robe would re-instated like they are doing with the staff from the last boss (Headmaster's Charge to Headmaster's Will) - So to farm the robe, was a 'must do' so to speak.

One a more happier note, Blizzard gave us something kinda cool back! Inscription crafted staves like Key to the Planes and Rosethorn Staff. The first staff linked is a model that was only shown on a rare in Netherstorm, and the second was only available for alliance (lowbie quest reward). So thats two new staves for horde. Hurray! I havent purchased the Rosethorn Staff yet, but I will once I come up with a decent transmog for it. (Depends on how this version shows on a belf female, the other staff of the same model seems to hang too low on the back, like the Chillwind Staff)

Items used:
WeaponKey to the Planes

The wrists do not really matter on this set, except for one requirement that they won't show above your gloves. I used Bands of Indwelling but you can also use Buccaneer's Bracers for a white line on the top of your gloves. There are several options for boots aswell, depending on the set I am using, I prefer to show some toe rather than a shoe underneath my robe. If you don't mind either, and you have acces to something else, then an alternative could be Ivycloth Boots and its lookalikes. (white front)

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Request-a-mog : Undead rogue

Another transmog set for the undead race!
Wearing the Bloodfang Boots
A friendly rogue asked me if I could build him a transmog set with the Blood Knight Tabard as a keypiece. I struggled a bit on finding legs and boots, but I tried avoiding alot of 'the same tier set' pieces to create a more 'unique' set. Eventhough the  whole Bloodfang set goes pretty well with the tabard.
The daggers displayed on the picture are The Night Blade(s) - They currently do not show enchants on them, but who knows if Blizzard will fix it in the future. If you are content with how the enchant looks on your weapon, there's also Malchazeen from Karazhan. I believe that Ced's Carver(s) are a good (and cheaper) alternative if you prefer a black glowing dagger over the actual looks underneath.
As mentioned earlier in the post, I had a bit of a hard time finding the right boots and legs.I came up with several leggings that could be a possible fit to the tabard, due to the 'not deep black' hue it has.
I believe that Wastewalker Leggings and Infectious Skitterer Leggings are good available alternatives.
(see Dragonhide Robe) is a lovely lovely chest piece, that would fit your tabard all together, and would be a 'kilt' so even more unique to see on a rogue, but sadly, it is druid only and there is no other lookalike for rogues available :-(

List of items used :

View from the back wearing the
Skitterer Leggings

: Illidari Cloak or Accursed Crawling Cape

: See post - The Night Blade(s)

: Blood Knight Tabard

: Red Martial Shirt (shows a tiny line of black to compensate for all the red)

Sorry I couldnt show you the fancy black glow on the weapon, you will have to copy the link from WoWhead and view it ingame. (The enchant tab for WoWmodelviewer was not working correctly for me)

Monday, September 10, 2012

Request-a-mog : Undead hunter

View from the back showing off the cloak
A few days ago, I told someone I enjoy making transmog sets, the thrill of taking one piece and finding a set that goes along with it. That same person told me he was looking for  a transmogrification set on his undead hunter, something dark or something fiery. He linked me two bows, a Vishanka, Jaws of the Earth and a Vengeful Gladiator's Longbow. I decided to work with the latter, since I just love the looks. The TBC expansion was such a good one considering how many items and sets look good.
I do not play undeads myself, especially not males. Hence the reason that I made this set in WoW-Model Viewer. After finishing this set, I pretty much feel sad for undead males, since its so difficult to find a goodlooking transmog set for them. Maybe its the fact that you cannot cover up all the bones, or colour them in a way so your transmog-set would match even better. Hurray for tabards! I went for a hint of brown in this transmog set since there's a bit of brown on the bottom of the shoulders, and they arent really black (they are a bit grey-ish) I personally think it goes kinda well together with the colour scheme.
I ended up with pieces that would seem not overly difficult  to acquire, except for the shoulders that are from WotLK raids. There's about two or three alternatives so that increases the chance of obtaining a pair.

List of items that I used (no wrists since they do not show on an undead) :

(optional) : Wrymstalkers's Headguard (LFR)

Weapon : Vengeful Gladiator's Longbow

Tabard(s) : Undercity Tabard or Tabard of the Ebon Blade

I hope you will enjoy the set :-)

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Questing in Vashj'ir : a bit of feedback.

'I wasnt thinking of this when I imagined
getting a new headpiece..'
As mentioned in my previous post, last week, I finished my Loremaster of Cataclysm.
The last zone I had to complete on that list, was weirdly as it was, Vashj'ir. I suppose it's weird since its a 80-82 zone just like Mount-Hyjal, and I've never gotten further than about 30 quests in on any of my toons, heh. I was not looking forward to finish this at all!! But if I want to get 14k achievement points, well I guess sacrifices will have to made.

So as you might be aware, all your mounts and pets are now accountwide. This also goes for your Subdued Abyssal Seahorse - Which I wasn't really thinking about when I started to do the quests at first on my warlock - figured that I should do as much quests as I can anyway.
Anyhow, if I had known this at the start, surely you can speed up the starting quests by a bit.
As far as the start-mid quests go, it was decent, maybe because I had gotten that far on my alts. The end part basically starts when you get to the Visions of Vashj'ir Past - quest line.
I found it interesting since I've never really looked at the Naga in that way, plus you get to look kinda good as a female naga, as opposed to how they've looked in the past.
Even tho the questline ends when you still have a fair amount of quests to go, I did feel sort of relieved, since you get to move on your 'own' again (you're transformed for most of the quest line as a female naga battlemaiden).
At this point you sorta drift off chasing Ozumat, huge scary kraken (you still have to finish some quests off with the Kvaldir).
The rest of the quests will bring you to his lair, where you basically finish the rest of your quests (should be around 30-ish at this point). These are simple quests, at this point I was in such a sleepy/boring state that I was looking to complete Environmental Awareness (a quest you get when you get off the submarine-goblin-gizmo) somewhere in the cave!  I felt a bit derpy when I found out you have to go outside and above the cave to find the mobs for this cave. Don't waste your time and make the same mistake! :-)
The quests end with you having to defend the rift, the Throne of the Tides, where Neptulon resides. You can get two extra achievements whilst doing the 130 quests in Vashj'ir, so if you are an achievement hunter like me, its only a bonus!
Lastly I'm going to give you a few tips what could become in handy when you travel to Vashj'ir for the first time to finish up your Sinking into Vashj'ir.
First of all, be aware of Whale Sharks - and other ?? level monsters. They have a huge hitbox, so take your distance from them. There a 'snake'ish kind of creature roaming around Nespirah, its not worth your time since it doesnt drop anything of value. I've also seen a different kind of kraken, familiar to the lurker below in SSC, in the far distance roaming, but I havent gotten close to it whilst I was doing these quests. I did them all in a row, so I never had to go back from the city/flightpoint to my quest hub.
Second, take your much needed breaks when doing quests, always stay at the quest hubs in between quests if you need to go afk. I didn't do that, and I struggled to understand the quest-log at certain times. It's not good!
And last, start off with enough bagspace, ofcourse if you are going to quest, you'll get lots of sea stuff, and perhaps you will be lucky enough to encounter Poseidus.
Goodluck and most of all, try to have fun. Happy questing!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

And a hint of pink

In the recent patch 5.0.4 achievements were made account-wide.
Even though it's awesome that all my hard work is spread across my account. I've been having the feeling that I am not quite as satisfied with the result of the merge as I thought I would be.

Meet my paladin : Melizande
I expected to have more than 13360 achievement points.
So I decided that I am going to set up a goal of 14k points.
To be able to pull this off before MoP I started out with finishing nearly done achievements.
Since my paladin had 12k achievement points and my druid had 11k before merge - which is the result of not commiting to a certain toon, I usually end up switching between those 2 toons, to optimize the setup in the guild I'm raiding. (this became even more important in Cata, due to strict 10-man setups).

So when the patch became live, I couldnt be more excited! Both the achievements between my druid and my paladin, became one! It's great that I don't have to try to get all of those old glory achievements again on my warlock.

The only negative thing is that nearly finished achievements do not get shared, so you have to do them on the toon you started it on - Like me, on my paladin. This goes for several achievements, like <The Seeker> - an achievement that I earned on my account (via pally) yesterday.

Showing off the weapon
Had about 150 left, I am not a big fan of questing however, so I'm kinda proud of myself for finally doing it. Scooped up 3 loremaster achievements on the way, which helps alot towards my goal of 14k achievement points.
One day earlier, I did 130 quests on my warlock in Vashj'ir to get Loremaster of Cataclysm. I never really liked the zone, since in some areas its kinda dark and there are these huge (??) level monsters, that pop out of nowhere on my screen, which kinda freaks me out.

Now that I have that done, taking a little break from questing, arent I casual, I've started on finishing my AB wins, just 13 to go!
I am not really all happy about having to play my paladin, since I can use alot of practice playing my warlock, especially with the new changes, but to be done with those almost-earned achievements, I have to bite the sour apple I suppose.
Since I did play my paladin for a long period of time, I've also collected some sets for her over the years.

Here's the list of the items used on the transmog set shown on the pictures above :

: The Burning Crusader

If you don't like showing off a bit of belly on a female bloodelf, you can cover it up with a tabard. There's several that could match, however, I found that Bilgewater Cartel Tabard was the best match to this set.

I really love the colour scheme of this ulduar 25 paladin tier set, so you'll probably see more of it in the future.