Friday, October 5, 2012

Believing in pink

My little pink strider was forced to stand still on the picture,
an easy task, you'd think but the little fella kept chasing off!
Yesterday I was brought up to date by a post on the Amateur Azerothian, about october being the month of breast cancer awareness.
I've never personally known anyone who has or had breast cancer in my family or friends circle. I honestly feel a bit ashamed that this month almost completely past me by, if it weren't for this post.
I want to contribute something small to this month, by sharing a pink transmogrification set - a tribute to all the people who have been affected by this disease in any way.

Losing a loved one, or being afraid to lose one, isnt a feeling I can explain with words.
Instead I was inspired to make a transmog, worn by the lifebinders of Azeroth, symbols of life - a druid.

The items that are used for my 'I believe in pink' set :

Weapon : Pillar of Ferocity
Shirt : a Precious Ribbon :-)


  1. a very nice gesture and once again a very beautiful transmogrification have a soft spot for pink it seems ^^.and since i saw u like exploring pandaria, i have a tough challenge for about, a monk transmogrification set for clothies.using staff of hidden master and straw hat.all else are up to you :)


  2. Thanks! I will work on the request and I'll let you know when it's done :-)