Thursday, December 27, 2012

My Furtive Father Winter - gift

I've joined the Furtive Father Winter 2012-  an event where bloggers made a post for each other to publish on their blog. You can read about it here. I've received my gift a couple of days ago in my mailbox. I've been having a bit of a hard time dealing with various things lately, and this post couldnt have come in a better time for me. Thank you Noahdeer for your kind and warm words. I also made a little something for Lib Feathers Fanfiction, a handdrawn illustration and a small 'story', if you are interested, I suggest you look at the post here.

I firmly believe that there can never enough messages of congratulations for jobs well done. Especially for the people who create content for their own personal blog.  For this reason, I’d like to the opportunity to give a massive shout-out of congratulations and thanks to Incinderella for the incredible work done on her blog  
So Incinderella, congratulations on taking the necessary steps to create your blog, not only have you come up with a  great idea but also sticking to that idea.

Your talent of going out to Azeroth and creating unique transmogable outfits, something that I could never do, and then displaying those designs for the whole wide web to see.
 By the way, huge props for making cloth based outfits, my mage will be interested in recreating the Farmer’s outfit once I decide to go back the Tillers to finish the rest of the cooking profession (link: (

I want to say thank you Incinderella, for sharing your gaming and fashion passion and for making the World of Warcraft blogging community just that much more awesome.

I look forward to reading more posts from you in the future.

Noahdeer, from


I hope you had a lovely christmas, and I'll hope that I'll be able to make a transmog post before this year ends.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Pink candy cane

It's christmas next week, so I'm quite busy preparing all sorts of stuff. Baking something for a contest - and, I'm going on a cruise today to get some christmas shopping done :-)
I've had this mog for a couple of weeks. I've always liked this robe, but never really bothered to make a mog around it. I found some items in my bank and figured, hey, this actually matches quite well together(in my opinion) It's a simple model robe, but the way it hands on the shoulders is gorgeous. It's also just a greenie, silly how some items look so well
I like how the little 'shiny' gaps in the shoulders match my weapon and headpiece. However, the set looks great without it too.

Items used on my Pink candy cane -set:

Love the backview, looks great on a female!
Weapon : Starshard Edge

Alternatives : This time I dont have alot of things to add, you can swap the belt for a white/beige belt : Replica Virtuous Belt. But I felt that the purple belt matches the outlining of the shoulders better.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Black & Gold - a Plate (blacksmith) set

Shown with the Rockwurm Plate Handguards
Dressing up alts is something I'd like to do when I am burned out of inspiration with my current main, my warlock. Cloth has alot of options, and its very versatile - hence cloth being my favorite gear type. I've had this set for quite a while on my deathknight, I dragged my partner along with me back then to be able to do the Essence bosses in Black Temple, and I had the luck of it Crown of Empowered Fate dropping quite soon.
They have made Black Temple easily soloable with patch 5.1 - So if you want this headpiece, I suggest you add Black Temple to your weekly raid farm list. You can also get a chance to get
Soul Cleaver whilst you are there, an nice looking golden two handed axe that I oh so desire.
I saved my original set from the leveling start zone, only to realize later that the belt doesnt actually show. In some cases that may have been a downside, but for this set, its rather perfect. Dont worry though, I have added an alternative belt for non - deathknights or for the deathknights who have deleted their set way back.

List of the items used for my Black & Gold plate (blacksmith-only) set :

Weapon : Currently I am using my Firemaul of Destruction, but I recently found a better alternative that fits the set better  - Engraved Hammer. I can't show it to you because my deathknight is still level 85, and the weapon requires you to be level 88. 

Shown with the Replica Gauntlets of Valor
Alternatives : I am using Shattered Hand Vambraces with my Rockwurm Plate Handguards since it shows a tiny edge of gold above the gloves. You can also use the Replica Gauntlets of Valor, the wrists are not visible then.  For the blacksmith-only shoulders, well as a plate class I've always thought that going blacksmith was the best option - It still brings good raiding potential for MoP aswell. However, if you still have the Brackshell Shoulders in your inventory, they go pretty well with this set too. A two-handed axe that goes well with this set would be Soul Cleaver

Ps : I got a bit bored last night and ended up fiddling in photoshop to remake my blogbanner in holiday spirit. Do you like it?

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Have a little faith

Ever since MoP came out, they have released the Black Market AH. Here you can buy items varying from tier 3 pieces to random TGC loot. I had seen the Circlet of Faith pop up once on the Bmah before, but I had to stop bidding since it was during a raid, and didnt want my guildies to wait too long (since every time someone bids, I think the bid gets extended to a longer duration)
Wearing the Golden Lotus
tabard, thought it matches the neckline quite well
So, a month or two had passed, hoping every day that one of my favorite pieces would come back on the Bmah. And yesterday,  it did. I know it may seem not so appropiate to bid on a priest item, as a warlock is supposed to be on the dark side and whatnot, but hey, my name is (In)cinderella after all!

The item is so rare and unique when it comes to looks (on any other class than a priest) Plus a white headpiece is pretty rare in WoW, so splurging was definitely worth it.
It doesnt have a class restriction, because originally the quest that gave the tier items back in the old-naxx days, was class only, but the item wasnt.

I figured blizzard wants to get more out of the Bmah-aspect by making more pieces available to more classes etc. (esp now that Monks are added to the game) It would only be fair that monks would be allowed to bid on rogue tier 3 and druid tier  3 aswell.
Set shown with an Apron (tabard)

A few weeks ago I also managed to finish my daily quests with Nomi, my apprentice cook. I got my Apron, which is a beautifull white coloured tabard, with a little bit of added detail on the bust. I'm normally not a fan of tabards and such, but I'd make an exception or two for the newly added tabard that MoP has brought us.

As if I wasnt lucky enough by winning the
Circlet of Faith, I also got my Mr Bigglesworth pet yesterday (it has an icey effect when it spawns, plus frostyglow whiskers).
I've noticed that if there is someone in the guild who has the pets that you lack, or the other way around, you can cage the pets, and trade them, so the other person can learn them, get the achievement, and trade them back to you. I can confirm it works, but I do not know if Blizzard will fix it. I ended up getting all the pets from the raids, with an exception of buying three from the auction house to avoid going back to the annoying instances (pets that drop from the later bosses for example)
Talking about pets, the adorable Cinder Kitten has finally been added in the Blizzard Store!

Yay for a cute little bow!
Items listed on my 'have a little faith' - set
Weapon : Staff of Immaculate Recovery
Tabard(s) : Apron, Golden Lotus, Order of the Cloud Serpent (not shown)
Alternatives : The gloves are a pick for me since I prefer this model, the gold colour does fit and I have no problem with a little pink in the mix. There are bracers that fit this set really well, the problem is that the gloves that are currently available in wow, do not match those wrists (a few examples : Swiftheal Wraps, Runed Spell-Cuffs), thus ruining the effect of the wrists. If I were to use them, I'd pair them along with Frostweave Gloves.
The set looks great aswell without a headpiece, if you go for a 'light' hair colour, it make the robe even more stand out. For weapons, as I got a dagger from the raid recently, I'll be using a Starshard Edge along with this set, or perhaps The Soulblade (has a hint of pink, so matches the gloves) is a great fit - For an alternative staff I'd use a Key of the Planes. As far as the belt slot goes, the Ruthless Cord of Accuracy goes quite well with the colours too.