Sunday, October 28, 2012

Adding a little bit more soul

The shoulders shown are warlock only, but I've added an alternative
for non-warlocks.
Purple is one of my most favorite colours, its fortunate for me that my class is too. I like experimenting with new-found pieces, a challenge to match something with that one piece that looks so good on your character. Now a couple of weeks back I found a good looking chest piece model that fits really well on a female toon, sleeveless - just a top. Decked in the colours blue and purple, I decided that this is a piece I'd like to find a mog for. It wasnt an easy task, since I wanted to include a bit of blue aswell. It's an unique shade of blue, so I had a bit of a struggle finding the right pieces together.
It's a beautiful shade, and unique - Since non-robe mog's are quite rare in my voidstorage, this has easily become of my favorite mog-sets.

I still have a bit of an issue with the 'rugged'
model pants, cavewoman style, but the colour fits so well with the rest, it had alot more bonus points than the other pieces.

The boots are quite awesome looking by itself (again, the colours are just amazing), and sometimes you just want to show a bit more leg - other than the usual cover-up!
The cloth pattern for the chestpiece is known to have a 2% if I must believe WoWhead - eventhough I'd visited Karazhan on my warlock before, I'd never seen it drop, but when I prepared myself to 'farm' this pattern by killing the mobs that can drop this pattern - resetting the instance over and over, I had the most amazing luck and it dropped for me from the first mob.

Picture shown with the alternative leggings :
Darkweave Breeches

List of items used :

Weapon : Lightning Rod (heroic)

: Since the shoulders in the screenshot are warlock only (sorry!) - I found an alternative for the shoulders : Vindicator Shoulderpads. They are less bright, but they still make the chest piece come out well. I suggest changing your haircut to something 'full' since it looks better.
If you don't like the pants, for the same reasons that I almost decided differently, I also found an alternative for those, it's not the same colour purple of the rest, but I thought that it matched the set better than the other available options : Darkweave Breeches

If you have trouble aswell with finding a mog with a piece of armor you like, I'm happy to help you find a set that goes along with it! (via Request-a-mog)

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Demonic forest-nymph

Since the screenie is an old one, there is no pet, but
I've gotten myself an Eye of the Legion,
which is a bright lime coloured eye (like the soulshards
above my head) - the perfect fit to this set.
After getting exalted with the Golden Lotus and Klaxxi five days ago and getting four new mounts in the process - I've had more time for other things, taking a bit of a break with the game, doing some laidback pet battling. Still doing my Shado-Pan and August Celestial dailies and keeping my farm blooming (I also got exalted with the Tillers few weeks ago - thats three extra mounts added to my collection).

I have one of my older mog sets to show. A set that is very light - the opposite of being a warlock, but thank goodness there are some bright looking pieces ingame to make up for the doom and gloom a warlock brings.

A list of the items used for my 'demonic forest nymph' warlock -only set

Added effect from a debuff in Sunwell Plateau, shame it
doesnt last when you're out :-(

I'm using white wrists on this picture - Bands of Indwelling

: Terokk's Shadowstaff

Alternatives : You can also go for Mistyreed Bracers if you find them cheaper, or perhaps if you don't like the split between the gloves and wrists. I found them a better match, but since I made this screenshot a while back, and my photoshop membership hasnt been renewed yet (used for cropping), I can't show it to you.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Request-a-mog : Cloth 'monk' set

I received a request to come up with a transmog-set that included the Straw Hat and the Staff of the Hidden Master. I wanted to create a 'monk'-like theme with the set. Since I feel that Pandaren are the real masters (monks) - any other race that isnt, is considered a trainee in my eyes. So I made a set that brought out the 'trainee/newbie/-feel. A sporty outfit, but still keeping some sexiness as blood elf females oh-so-much have. I still have my doubts about the shoulders, I had Mantle of the Golden Sun as an alternative, but I went for a more 'subtle' look since you're a trainee after all! Perhaps you can wear them when you graduate the academy.. ^^
I havent obtained a Staff of the Hidden Master just yet, because it is considered to be a treasure of Pandaria, thus rare. But if you level up a belf monk, you'll get a low level staff that looks familiar. If I had this staff myself I could've added in a pet to match, making a screenshot on my usual spot, but no such luck!
I apologize for the poor quality of the picture, but my Wowmodelviewer isnt displaying MoP items yet, and the blood elf female shoulders seem to have bugged out (increased in size). So I used wowhead's model viewer and added a bit of monk-ness to the screenie to make it look less empty.

The list of the items used for the 'cloth trainee monk' set : 

    Weapon : Staff of the Hidden Master
    Wrists : Since the gloves are pretty covering, and go well with any wrist slot, I still suggest using wrists that are thin, like Windwool Bracers - one of the cheap options.

    For the boots I had several options, a basic model like Deathsilk Boots could work, as well as a high model with red detail : Ritual Sandals, they provide a worn-out look, which you'd expect from someone whose been training hard :-)

    Sunday, October 14, 2012

    Mog-alike : Aimee - Pie, Pastries and Cake vendor

    'So erm, can I be your long lost twin-sister now?'
    The Darkmoon Faire was back in Thunderbluff, so I decided to buy some pieces for my long-wanted lookalike transmog. I made a mog to look like Aimee, who is one of my favorite NPC's ingame, the cake vendor in Dalaran/Darkmoon. I don't really know what it is about her, perhaps that I went to baking school for less than a year, had to quit, but I was still left with a passion for patiserrie. Or maybe it's because of that adorable stand, with the gingerbread man and the huge pink cake on the side.

    Eventhough I could not find a set that makes my toon look completely like her, but I think I did a nice job trying to. Her eyes and toenails are blue, mine are green/red. She has the nicest pair of sandals found in all of WoW. I'm starting to grow a deep attachment to my Ringo's Blizzard Boots, eventho socks in sandals is considered dorky, it will just have to do for the time that I'm horde.

    On the picture above, I'm wearing the completely mogged lookalike set. I couldnt find gloves that are fitting aswell as the ones shown, mainly because they overlap with the wrists - so no 'puffy-sleeve' effect for me :-( I believe that Aimee is wearing a shirt that makes the puffy-ness of her chest piece come out, however, that effect doesnt sadly go along well with most wrists or gloves.
    I also went for shoulders which blended in the most with the colours of the set, gold and

    Here are the items used for the 'Aimee' sets :

    Weapon : Key to the Planes or (since I'm no longer wearing a staff at the moment - a wand Scepter of Creation)

    I found out that an offhand isnt shown when you are wearing a wand as your main hand, not even when you unsheath your weapons. I transmogged it anyway, just in case Blizzard changes their mind. I'm wearing a Urn of Lost Memories to go with the wand.

    Wednesday, October 10, 2012

    Mastering all the ways

    I've got plenty of left-overs!
    I love to make goals for myself, perhaps a little too high sometimes, but regardless of how silly it may be, or the amount of time it may take, I will give my 110% to get it.
    Getting Master of the Ways achievement is/was one of the many goals I wish to achieve in MoP.
    And so I did! Into the third week, after saving up food from questmobs, leveling up fishing plus spending alot of hours farming meat and fishing for extra's. I can now proudly call myself a Master of the Ways.
    Now that I've done that, I am saving up for a Cooking School Bell, while maintaining enough tokens to make feasts (275 stats) for the guild.

    I've always enjoyed fishing, if you have a good book to read and good music to listen to, time goes by oh so quickly.
    It also helped alot that I managed to obtain a Ancient Pandaren Fishing Charm about a week ago, after a server restart. Me and someone else were camping him on the same spot just before the reset. When the server came back up again, we both eagerly talked to him - which must've happend at the exact same time, because we both got the item in our bags (I was jumping around the apartment when the item appeared in my bags)
    You get the item by talking to a npc called : Ghostly Pandaren Fisherman - If you want this item, I suggest adding the #64004 to your NPC_scan, but on crowded servers, if you got the chance, perhaps wait for a server restart. He considered a treasure, so you will get credit for the Lost and Found. (so he is a pretty rare spawn)
    It's possible that I have a good 30000 fish caught combined on my account, so when I (finally) got my oh so adorable Sea Turtle - Why does this drop when I least expect it?
    I sat in my chair in shock for a whole minute when it dropped, couldnt believe it.
    The reason why I wasnt expecting this to drop, is because the tooltip for Turtles All the Way Down hasnt been updated yet. I fished this cutey up from a Jade Lungfish school in The Jade Forest.

    I wish you all will have a lovely day, and if you consider going for these achievements aswell, goodluck!

    The chase : a rare catch I

    Since I've been working on my Glorious! achievement, catching rares all across Pandaria, the list of the rares that I still need is getting smaller and smaller. Some of these rares have some 'must-have/want' items, I've even been killing the same rares over and over, since their vanity item is worth it.
    Now that we are in the third week after MoP's been released, I've gotten my hands on quite a few items that I'd like to show you guys, and perhaps inspire you to hunt for these yourself.

    These vanity items seem to have a 20% droprate, taken from WoWhead stats, so you cannot guarentee a vanity drop if you do manage to kill one of these rares.
    I highly recommend getting some help from 1 other person for these rares especially when you are leveling. I managed to catch quite a few when me and my partner were still leveling, so it was easier to kill them when being two. Lucky for me, he isn't such an enthousiast
    Now that I've gotten a few epic-crafted pieces plus heroic dungeon gear,atleast for warlocks, you can solo most of them.
    Another tip I'd like to give out is to look up the rares in an area you are going to quest/hang-around-in beforehand, keep an interrupt/silence button on your UI.

    Some are rares are very brutal - for example, the Pandaren rares will cast Chi-Burst when you arent in melee range (be aware that you need to move out when they start casting spinning kick). The chiburst will kill you if it hits perhaps once or twice depending on your hp.
    Other rares simply require you to kite, move out of bad stuff/cone attacks and whatnot.
    Some rare npc's even like to surround themselves with elites, be patient and find a smooth way to make room, hug the wall if you must after killing one elite (while keeping an eye out for possible other 'rare hunters' .
    When I find rares that have already dropped the desired item for me, I still kill them, they have a chance to drop a Small Bag of Goods - which can contain some nice profession materials. There's one rare (Yul Wildpaw) that can drop a Big Bag of Wonders, which contained alot of enchanting materials for me.

    Kang's Bindstone
     This item drops from Kang the Soulthief in the
    Vale of Eternal Blossoms. This grey effect also applies to your mount.
     As if the grey effect applying to your mount wasnt cool enough,
    the effect of the stone - It also grants a chance that when you kill
    your opponent, they will become encased in stone.

    Mr Smite's Brass Compass
     This item drops from Yorik Sharpeye in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms.
    It releases the memories of a long lost first mate, transforming you into Mr Smite.
    When you use the item, your character will yell : 'You there! Check out that noise!'
    And in combat/being attacked :
    'You land lubbers are tougher than I thought! I'll have to improvise!
    'D'ah! Now you're making me angry!
    'We're under attack! Avast ye swabs! Repel the invaders!'
    Not only will you look like Mr Smite, but you will also sound like him aswell.
    I wonder if Yorik Sharpeye is a disguised Mr Smite (he does wear a hoodie), since he left the Deadmines in Cataclysm.

    Ai-Li's Skymirror
    A drop from Ai Li Skymirror in the Dreadwastes.
    This item will allow you to copy a target player's looks and adds a shimmer.
    Dalaran isnt very crowded these days, so I took a
    'snapshot' from a welldressed Tauren Paladin.
    This item took me about 10 kills to get, I'm even happier now to have it in my inventory :-)

    Hozen Beach Ball
    Drops from Ik-Ik the Nimble in the Dreadwastes.
    It leaves a watery path in your wake, and you get equipped and dressed in
    a beachy outfit (shovel and bucket included!)
    When I mounted up, however, my character displayed my shirt instead of
    the skin-coloured top she is wearing (beachball effect) on the screenshot.
    The belt that you have equipped/transmogged also shows, not sure if this is a bug or intended

    Friday, October 5, 2012

    Believing in pink

    My little pink strider was forced to stand still on the picture,
    an easy task, you'd think but the little fella kept chasing off!
    Yesterday I was brought up to date by a post on the Amateur Azerothian, about october being the month of breast cancer awareness.
    I've never personally known anyone who has or had breast cancer in my family or friends circle. I honestly feel a bit ashamed that this month almost completely past me by, if it weren't for this post.
    I want to contribute something small to this month, by sharing a pink transmogrification set - a tribute to all the people who have been affected by this disease in any way.

    Losing a loved one, or being afraid to lose one, isnt a feeling I can explain with words.
    Instead I was inspired to make a transmog, worn by the lifebinders of Azeroth, symbols of life - a druid.

    The items that are used for my 'I believe in pink' set :

    Weapon : Pillar of Ferocity
    Shirt : a Precious Ribbon :-)

    Wednesday, October 3, 2012

    Spotted in the Mists I

    Wandering around in Mists of Pandaria, finding little fun things in random places.
    It's definitely worth it to explore every zone/island and corners! Here are some shots from things that I've found throughout the content.
    I've also been hunting down rares (in a casual manner) for my Glorious! achievement. I've always liked the thrill of the hunt, plus the items that have dropped are mainly vanity items (something that I'll make a post about next) and you can never have enough vanity items! (bagspace is ofcourse totally irrellevant..)
    I play on a very high populated server so sadly, my rare hunting isnt progressing as fast anymore as it was in the first 5 days - I assume this is due to more and more people dinging level 90, and ofcourse they find out about the spawnspots aswell. Though, despite of the amount of people on my server, I believe they respawn every few hours, it's just a matter of getting lucky (and I can definitely say that I have been!). Having someone else to do quests/dailies with is very much recommended,  just in case you do spot a rare and you can't solo it - and ofcourse it goes quite a bit faster - It also makes you able to tag the rare straight away. I don't really keep timings for the rare npcs but I do stay up sort off late to catch the occasional rare spawn.

    No transmog set featured in this post, but I will show my deathknight' (spotted on the second pic below) mog soon.
    Happy spotting!
    Cute or Creepy? I couldn't help but
    think of Mike from Monsters Inc.

    One of the best I've found so far :
    Meet Adele, a little panda-female, rolling in the (widening) deeps in
    Townlong Steppes

    Bleeding hearts, now found ingame!
    One of the sweetest types of flower (eventhough the name
    says differently)

    Underwater clam now 'bubbling' up a pipe, like a sir.
    The eye/clam-lids even went up and down.
    Found offshore at Soggy's Gamble in Dread wastes.