About me


My name is Incinderella, a warlock on the server Twisting-Nether.
Been playing WoW since 2007 - with a few occasional (monthly) breaks.
I've been juggling mains as long as I can remember between a holy paladin and a feral druid..
But my first character I've made was a rogue..
Now that MoP is coming out with all its goodies & whatnot (account-bound pets/mounts & shared achievements), I made the decision to play a warlock.

I've always cared greatly about how my character looks. I kept certain items over the years of playing.. but this was a long time before the void-storage/transmogrification patch, so I've lost some items over time - Unfortunately for me, the gm's werent able to restore those items for me anymore. So here I am, gathering items once again, to make up for memories lost!
Transmogrification is the best thing that possibly ever happend to World of Warcraft, but also, it takes alot of time and alot of inventory space (Q.Q).

I felt that since I spend alot of time thinking up new transmog-sets for myself, and sometimes even giving advice to those who find themselves in need of some styling - I'd start up a blog, to share my finds with you. :-)

Many thanks to Xilos for helping me so much with my banner <3

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