Sunday, October 14, 2012

Mog-alike : Aimee - Pie, Pastries and Cake vendor

'So erm, can I be your long lost twin-sister now?'
The Darkmoon Faire was back in Thunderbluff, so I decided to buy some pieces for my long-wanted lookalike transmog. I made a mog to look like Aimee, who is one of my favorite NPC's ingame, the cake vendor in Dalaran/Darkmoon. I don't really know what it is about her, perhaps that I went to baking school for less than a year, had to quit, but I was still left with a passion for patiserrie. Or maybe it's because of that adorable stand, with the gingerbread man and the huge pink cake on the side.

Eventhough I could not find a set that makes my toon look completely like her, but I think I did a nice job trying to. Her eyes and toenails are blue, mine are green/red. She has the nicest pair of sandals found in all of WoW. I'm starting to grow a deep attachment to my Ringo's Blizzard Boots, eventho socks in sandals is considered dorky, it will just have to do for the time that I'm horde.

On the picture above, I'm wearing the completely mogged lookalike set. I couldnt find gloves that are fitting aswell as the ones shown, mainly because they overlap with the wrists - so no 'puffy-sleeve' effect for me :-( I believe that Aimee is wearing a shirt that makes the puffy-ness of her chest piece come out, however, that effect doesnt sadly go along well with most wrists or gloves.
I also went for shoulders which blended in the most with the colours of the set, gold and

Here are the items used for the 'Aimee' sets :

Weapon : Key to the Planes or (since I'm no longer wearing a staff at the moment - a wand Scepter of Creation)

I found out that an offhand isnt shown when you are wearing a wand as your main hand, not even when you unsheath your weapons. I transmogged it anyway, just in case Blizzard changes their mind. I'm wearing a Urn of Lost Memories to go with the wand.

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