Thursday, August 30, 2012

Purple rain, purple rain..

My first post, woohoo!

A day after the patch 5.0.4 hits on the EU servers, ofcourse I had to go explore what was new and log my alts first, before I could acquire all my goodies! (pets & mounts). Oh, how I have missed you, spectral tiger cub. Enough of that, lets start on the mog, shall we!

I've worn this transmog set for a couple of days now, and I'm really starting to grow accustomed to it.
The moment of awesomeness to find out in the 5.0.4 patch that these glowy soulshards match the set. (You can also glyph these soulshards to be not-shown out of combat - or to show them in a lime-ish colour**)
Gotta love these goggles and I am happy that my warlock has a fresh slate concerning quest items from TBC. Even tho I nearly deleted these gloves forever, I restored them just in time from the (awesome) new restore function from blizzard support.

Items used on this transmog set

Weapon : Visage of the Destroyer

I'm sure that even when you've completed the quests (some items are from TBC quests), you'll be able to find pieces that could definitely match some pieces of this set. It doesnt have to all be purple! Just showing it off in its full purple glory :-)
I'd love to see your creation of this, if you decide to do it differently!

** Don't quote me on this, heh.