Wednesday, May 22, 2013

And I'm just left here wishing

I've had my birthday a couple of days back, and it got me thinking. What is that I want? Well, mostly, the answers been cake, and the ability to eat it without taking in the amount of calories. Sadly, we're not there (yet?)
However, I've been saving up screenshots, that I take across Azeroth for items that seem to be appearing on npc's, but have yet to be worn, or found, for us players to wear. I thought it would make a nice sum-up for a WoW outfit - wishlist. Maybe someday..

Perhaps a cute little bow? (Female panda *squeel*)
Blue/yellow nemesis set..
How awesome are the colours on that belt?
Purple/pink version of the TBC model staff..
White version of a sleeveless weddingdress

A playsuit..
Demonic looking wings on shoulders..