Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Spotted in the Mists I

Wandering around in Mists of Pandaria, finding little fun things in random places.
It's definitely worth it to explore every zone/island and corners! Here are some shots from things that I've found throughout the content.
I've also been hunting down rares (in a casual manner) for my Glorious! achievement. I've always liked the thrill of the hunt, plus the items that have dropped are mainly vanity items (something that I'll make a post about next) and you can never have enough vanity items! (bagspace is ofcourse totally irrellevant..)
I play on a very high populated server so sadly, my rare hunting isnt progressing as fast anymore as it was in the first 5 days - I assume this is due to more and more people dinging level 90, and ofcourse they find out about the spawnspots aswell. Though, despite of the amount of people on my server, I believe they respawn every few hours, it's just a matter of getting lucky (and I can definitely say that I have been!). Having someone else to do quests/dailies with is very much recommended,  just in case you do spot a rare and you can't solo it - and ofcourse it goes quite a bit faster - It also makes you able to tag the rare straight away. I don't really keep timings for the rare npcs but I do stay up sort off late to catch the occasional rare spawn.

No transmog set featured in this post, but I will show my deathknight' (spotted on the second pic below) mog soon.
Happy spotting!
Cute or Creepy? I couldn't help but
think of Mike from Monsters Inc.

One of the best I've found so far :
Meet Adele, a little panda-female, rolling in the (widening) deeps in
Townlong Steppes

Bleeding hearts, now found ingame!
One of the sweetest types of flower (eventhough the name
says differently)

Underwater clam now 'bubbling' up a pipe, like a sir.
The eye/clam-lids even went up and down.
Found offshore at Soggy's Gamble in Dread wastes.

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