Friday, November 2, 2012

Request-a-mog : Of fire and shadow (a cloth mog)

The best fitting background for this transmog - Firelands
A while ago I got a request to make a transmog set including the Circle of Flame. Being a fan and owning this item myself, I gladly took up the challenge to make a set for him. I wanted to match it up with Shoulders of Mercy Killing, but since I wasnt really satisfied with that, I kept looking. Another request was that this set must be fiery. That ultimately got me to use the Mantle of Closed Doors, which is possibly one of the most 'fiery' cloth pieces ingame. They are quite tough to get, since these days people arent really up for doing Firelands normal. Regardless of these odds, the requester managed to obtain these thus bringing the set I made him, alive.
So when he got it completed, I was so excited that I couldnt help but poke him for some screenshots.

Items used on the fire transmog (the requested mog) :

Weapons : Alysra's Razor and Goblet of Anger
Thank you Saronas for allowing me to
show you on my blog, it's great
to see how the set I've made you turned out!

Since I don't own the normal version of
Mantle of Closed Doors, I made my own version of this set, but then, ofcourse, in purple.

Items that are used on the shadow set : 

Weapon : I am using a wand in my current set, Wand of Arcane Potency
- the offhand isnt shown when you have a wand equipped as mainhand.

Alternatives : A (better fitting) boot option would be : Barbaric Cloth Boots

If you happen to spot Saronas, be sure to compliment him on looking smoking hot ^^!


  1. Oh wow I love the last picture, the red and purple with the two different hawks- now if only you girls had the two different phoenix mounts haha! Dream big, right? :D Anyways so much awesome!! I love purple @ 3 @

  2. I guess we could have done it with phoenix mount. Never thought of it :)
    'You girls' made me giggle.. :P

  3. I got a purple phoenix/firehawk, if you have the yellow one we can make some screenies later :-)

  4. I wish i had phoenix or firehawk :( but no luck