Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Request-a-mog : Cloth 'monk' set

I received a request to come up with a transmog-set that included the Straw Hat and the Staff of the Hidden Master. I wanted to create a 'monk'-like theme with the set. Since I feel that Pandaren are the real masters (monks) - any other race that isnt, is considered a trainee in my eyes. So I made a set that brought out the 'trainee/newbie/-feel. A sporty outfit, but still keeping some sexiness as blood elf females oh-so-much have. I still have my doubts about the shoulders, I had Mantle of the Golden Sun as an alternative, but I went for a more 'subtle' look since you're a trainee after all! Perhaps you can wear them when you graduate the academy.. ^^
I havent obtained a Staff of the Hidden Master just yet, because it is considered to be a treasure of Pandaria, thus rare. But if you level up a belf monk, you'll get a low level staff that looks familiar. If I had this staff myself I could've added in a pet to match, making a screenshot on my usual spot, but no such luck!
I apologize for the poor quality of the picture, but my Wowmodelviewer isnt displaying MoP items yet, and the blood elf female shoulders seem to have bugged out (increased in size). So I used wowhead's model viewer and added a bit of monk-ness to the screenie to make it look less empty.

The list of the items used for the 'cloth trainee monk' set : 

    Weapon : Staff of the Hidden Master
    Wrists : Since the gloves are pretty covering, and go well with any wrist slot, I still suggest using wrists that are thin, like Windwool Bracers - one of the cheap options.

    For the boots I had several options, a basic model like Deathsilk Boots could work, as well as a high model with red detail : Ritual Sandals, they provide a worn-out look, which you'd expect from someone whose been training hard :-)

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