Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Mastering all the ways

I've got plenty of left-overs!
I love to make goals for myself, perhaps a little too high sometimes, but regardless of how silly it may be, or the amount of time it may take, I will give my 110% to get it.
Getting Master of the Ways achievement is/was one of the many goals I wish to achieve in MoP.
And so I did! Into the third week, after saving up food from questmobs, leveling up fishing plus spending alot of hours farming meat and fishing for extra's. I can now proudly call myself a Master of the Ways.
Now that I've done that, I am saving up for a Cooking School Bell, while maintaining enough tokens to make feasts (275 stats) for the guild.

I've always enjoyed fishing, if you have a good book to read and good music to listen to, time goes by oh so quickly.
It also helped alot that I managed to obtain a Ancient Pandaren Fishing Charm about a week ago, after a server restart. Me and someone else were camping him on the same spot just before the reset. When the server came back up again, we both eagerly talked to him - which must've happend at the exact same time, because we both got the item in our bags (I was jumping around the apartment when the item appeared in my bags)
You get the item by talking to a npc called : Ghostly Pandaren Fisherman - If you want this item, I suggest adding the #64004 to your NPC_scan, but on crowded servers, if you got the chance, perhaps wait for a server restart. He considered a treasure, so you will get credit for the Lost and Found. (so he is a pretty rare spawn)
It's possible that I have a good 30000 fish caught combined on my account, so when I (finally) got my oh so adorable Sea Turtle - Why does this drop when I least expect it?
I sat in my chair in shock for a whole minute when it dropped, couldnt believe it.
The reason why I wasnt expecting this to drop, is because the tooltip for Turtles All the Way Down hasnt been updated yet. I fished this cutey up from a Jade Lungfish school in The Jade Forest.

I wish you all will have a lovely day, and if you consider going for these achievements aswell, goodluck!

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