Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The chase : a rare catch I

Since I've been working on my Glorious! achievement, catching rares all across Pandaria, the list of the rares that I still need is getting smaller and smaller. Some of these rares have some 'must-have/want' items, I've even been killing the same rares over and over, since their vanity item is worth it.
Now that we are in the third week after MoP's been released, I've gotten my hands on quite a few items that I'd like to show you guys, and perhaps inspire you to hunt for these yourself.

These vanity items seem to have a 20% droprate, taken from WoWhead stats, so you cannot guarentee a vanity drop if you do manage to kill one of these rares.
I highly recommend getting some help from 1 other person for these rares especially when you are leveling. I managed to catch quite a few when me and my partner were still leveling, so it was easier to kill them when being two. Lucky for me, he isn't such an enthousiast
Now that I've gotten a few epic-crafted pieces plus heroic dungeon gear,atleast for warlocks, you can solo most of them.
Another tip I'd like to give out is to look up the rares in an area you are going to quest/hang-around-in beforehand, keep an interrupt/silence button on your UI.

Some are rares are very brutal - for example, the Pandaren rares will cast Chi-Burst when you arent in melee range (be aware that you need to move out when they start casting spinning kick). The chiburst will kill you if it hits perhaps once or twice depending on your hp.
Other rares simply require you to kite, move out of bad stuff/cone attacks and whatnot.
Some rare npc's even like to surround themselves with elites, be patient and find a smooth way to make room, hug the wall if you must after killing one elite (while keeping an eye out for possible other 'rare hunters' .
When I find rares that have already dropped the desired item for me, I still kill them, they have a chance to drop a Small Bag of Goods - which can contain some nice profession materials. There's one rare (Yul Wildpaw) that can drop a Big Bag of Wonders, which contained alot of enchanting materials for me.

Kang's Bindstone
 This item drops from Kang the Soulthief in the
Vale of Eternal Blossoms. This grey effect also applies to your mount.
 As if the grey effect applying to your mount wasnt cool enough,
the effect of the stone - It also grants a chance that when you kill
your opponent, they will become encased in stone.

Mr Smite's Brass Compass
 This item drops from Yorik Sharpeye in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms.
It releases the memories of a long lost first mate, transforming you into Mr Smite.
When you use the item, your character will yell : 'You there! Check out that noise!'
And in combat/being attacked :
'You land lubbers are tougher than I thought! I'll have to improvise!
'D'ah! Now you're making me angry!
'We're under attack! Avast ye swabs! Repel the invaders!'
Not only will you look like Mr Smite, but you will also sound like him aswell.
I wonder if Yorik Sharpeye is a disguised Mr Smite (he does wear a hoodie), since he left the Deadmines in Cataclysm.

Ai-Li's Skymirror
A drop from Ai Li Skymirror in the Dreadwastes.
This item will allow you to copy a target player's looks and adds a shimmer.
Dalaran isnt very crowded these days, so I took a
'snapshot' from a welldressed Tauren Paladin.
This item took me about 10 kills to get, I'm even happier now to have it in my inventory :-)

Hozen Beach Ball
Drops from Ik-Ik the Nimble in the Dreadwastes.
It leaves a watery path in your wake, and you get equipped and dressed in
a beachy outfit (shovel and bucket included!)
When I mounted up, however, my character displayed my shirt instead of
the skin-coloured top she is wearing (beachball effect) on the screenshot.
The belt that you have equipped/transmogged also shows, not sure if this is a bug or intended

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