Wednesday, May 22, 2013

And I'm just left here wishing

I've had my birthday a couple of days back, and it got me thinking. What is that I want? Well, mostly, the answers been cake, and the ability to eat it without taking in the amount of calories. Sadly, we're not there (yet?)
However, I've been saving up screenshots, that I take across Azeroth for items that seem to be appearing on npc's, but have yet to be worn, or found, for us players to wear. I thought it would make a nice sum-up for a WoW outfit - wishlist. Maybe someday..

Perhaps a cute little bow? (Female panda *squeel*)
Blue/yellow nemesis set..
How awesome are the colours on that belt?
Purple/pink version of the TBC model staff..
White version of a sleeveless weddingdress

A playsuit..
Demonic looking wings on shoulders..

Friday, March 15, 2013

Orange Marmalade

The baneling pet tends to roll after you occasionally, and also
burrows into the ground randomly
Patch 5.2 is out, and so is Heart of the Swarm, the new starcraft expansion! One that goes along with collectors edition, including a cute Baneling pet! It has a burrow spell and a Baneling Bust as a final attack in pet battles. Soon I'll be leveling that little fellow up to 25 aswell.
Anyhow, about this transmog, I've gotten quite a bit of compliments, and that was really nice, since I thought this set was sort off a risk. I like how the pieces fit together, I've been eyeing the
Kilt of the Forgotten One for a long time, so when it finally dropped, I really wanted to wear it. I made a set around it. It's sort off like orange marmalade, how all the pieces of an orange come together in one big pot of jelly, and the colours are beautiful. I also love how it matches the haircolour of bloodelves perfectly, so that was a bonus :-)
And yes, I have been playing my monk in raids, suprise, I rerolled again!
I still, will, however be making transmog sets for clothies, since my dear warlock is not forgotten.

Items used on my Orange Marmalade set :

Weapon: Staff of the Plague Beast
Alternatives You can go for a different pair of boots in this colour, the Expedition set provides for boots in this colour that will fit underneath the kilt. If the Expedition pieces arent on the auction house, you can look up the Dragonhawk belt or boots.