Saturday, September 15, 2012

Request-a-mog : Undead rogue

Another transmog set for the undead race!
Wearing the Bloodfang Boots
A friendly rogue asked me if I could build him a transmog set with the Blood Knight Tabard as a keypiece. I struggled a bit on finding legs and boots, but I tried avoiding alot of 'the same tier set' pieces to create a more 'unique' set. Eventhough the  whole Bloodfang set goes pretty well with the tabard.
The daggers displayed on the picture are The Night Blade(s) - They currently do not show enchants on them, but who knows if Blizzard will fix it in the future. If you are content with how the enchant looks on your weapon, there's also Malchazeen from Karazhan. I believe that Ced's Carver(s) are a good (and cheaper) alternative if you prefer a black glowing dagger over the actual looks underneath.
As mentioned earlier in the post, I had a bit of a hard time finding the right boots and legs.I came up with several leggings that could be a possible fit to the tabard, due to the 'not deep black' hue it has.
I believe that Wastewalker Leggings and Infectious Skitterer Leggings are good available alternatives.
(see Dragonhide Robe) is a lovely lovely chest piece, that would fit your tabard all together, and would be a 'kilt' so even more unique to see on a rogue, but sadly, it is druid only and there is no other lookalike for rogues available :-(

List of items used :

View from the back wearing the
Skitterer Leggings

: Illidari Cloak or Accursed Crawling Cape

: See post - The Night Blade(s)

: Blood Knight Tabard

: Red Martial Shirt (shows a tiny line of black to compensate for all the red)

Sorry I couldnt show you the fancy black glow on the weapon, you will have to copy the link from WoWhead and view it ingame. (The enchant tab for WoWmodelviewer was not working correctly for me)

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