Tuesday, September 4, 2012

And a hint of pink

In the recent patch 5.0.4 achievements were made account-wide.
Even though it's awesome that all my hard work is spread across my account. I've been having the feeling that I am not quite as satisfied with the result of the merge as I thought I would be.

Meet my paladin : Melizande
I expected to have more than 13360 achievement points.
So I decided that I am going to set up a goal of 14k points.
To be able to pull this off before MoP I started out with finishing nearly done achievements.
Since my paladin had 12k achievement points and my druid had 11k before merge - which is the result of not commiting to a certain toon, I usually end up switching between those 2 toons, to optimize the setup in the guild I'm raiding. (this became even more important in Cata, due to strict 10-man setups).

So when the patch became live, I couldnt be more excited! Both the achievements between my druid and my paladin, became one! It's great that I don't have to try to get all of those old glory achievements again on my warlock.

The only negative thing is that nearly finished achievements do not get shared, so you have to do them on the toon you started it on - Like me, on my paladin. This goes for several achievements, like <The Seeker> - an achievement that I earned on my account (via pally) yesterday.

Showing off the weapon
Had about 150 left, I am not a big fan of questing however, so I'm kinda proud of myself for finally doing it. Scooped up 3 loremaster achievements on the way, which helps alot towards my goal of 14k achievement points.
One day earlier, I did 130 quests on my warlock in Vashj'ir to get Loremaster of Cataclysm. I never really liked the zone, since in some areas its kinda dark and there are these huge (??) level monsters, that pop out of nowhere on my screen, which kinda freaks me out.

Now that I have that done, taking a little break from questing, arent I casual, I've started on finishing my AB wins, just 13 to go!
I am not really all happy about having to play my paladin, since I can use alot of practice playing my warlock, especially with the new changes, but to be done with those almost-earned achievements, I have to bite the sour apple I suppose.
Since I did play my paladin for a long period of time, I've also collected some sets for her over the years.

Here's the list of the items used on the transmog set shown on the pictures above :

: The Burning Crusader

If you don't like showing off a bit of belly on a female bloodelf, you can cover it up with a tabard. There's several that could match, however, I found that Bilgewater Cartel Tabard was the best match to this set.

I really love the colour scheme of this ulduar 25 paladin tier set, so you'll probably see more of it in the future.

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