Thursday, September 20, 2012

A tribute to the lost.. and newly found

Now with matching pet! Meet my white eyes blue dragon ^^
Many changes have happend since the 5.0.4 patch. One of them being the instance Scholomance. Since it's an level 90 heroic instance aswell as a lowlevel one (exactly like Deadmines), they have updated and taken away some items. Items like Sawbones Shirt and Alanna's Embrace are no longer available. Such a shame, since I love pink robes and I hate to see them dissappear from the game. When I first heard that they were going to redo scholomance, I went and farmed it for a couple of days, 5 instances per hour. With a 2% droprate I was very lucky to have it drop so 'last minute' for me, since I had only just rerolled to my warlock. There was no feedback that the robe would re-instated like they are doing with the staff from the last boss (Headmaster's Charge to Headmaster's Will) - So to farm the robe, was a 'must do' so to speak.

One a more happier note, Blizzard gave us something kinda cool back! Inscription crafted staves like Key to the Planes and Rosethorn Staff. The first staff linked is a model that was only shown on a rare in Netherstorm, and the second was only available for alliance (lowbie quest reward). So thats two new staves for horde. Hurray! I havent purchased the Rosethorn Staff yet, but I will once I come up with a decent transmog for it. (Depends on how this version shows on a belf female, the other staff of the same model seems to hang too low on the back, like the Chillwind Staff)

Items used:
WeaponKey to the Planes

The wrists do not really matter on this set, except for one requirement that they won't show above your gloves. I used Bands of Indwelling but you can also use Buccaneer's Bracers for a white line on the top of your gloves. There are several options for boots aswell, depending on the set I am using, I prefer to show some toe rather than a shoe underneath my robe. If you don't mind either, and you have acces to something else, then an alternative could be Ivycloth Boots and its lookalikes. (white front)

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