Saturday, September 8, 2012

Questing in Vashj'ir : a bit of feedback.

'I wasnt thinking of this when I imagined
getting a new headpiece..'
As mentioned in my previous post, last week, I finished my Loremaster of Cataclysm.
The last zone I had to complete on that list, was weirdly as it was, Vashj'ir. I suppose it's weird since its a 80-82 zone just like Mount-Hyjal, and I've never gotten further than about 30 quests in on any of my toons, heh. I was not looking forward to finish this at all!! But if I want to get 14k achievement points, well I guess sacrifices will have to made.

So as you might be aware, all your mounts and pets are now accountwide. This also goes for your Subdued Abyssal Seahorse - Which I wasn't really thinking about when I started to do the quests at first on my warlock - figured that I should do as much quests as I can anyway.
Anyhow, if I had known this at the start, surely you can speed up the starting quests by a bit.
As far as the start-mid quests go, it was decent, maybe because I had gotten that far on my alts. The end part basically starts when you get to the Visions of Vashj'ir Past - quest line.
I found it interesting since I've never really looked at the Naga in that way, plus you get to look kinda good as a female naga, as opposed to how they've looked in the past.
Even tho the questline ends when you still have a fair amount of quests to go, I did feel sort of relieved, since you get to move on your 'own' again (you're transformed for most of the quest line as a female naga battlemaiden).
At this point you sorta drift off chasing Ozumat, huge scary kraken (you still have to finish some quests off with the Kvaldir).
The rest of the quests will bring you to his lair, where you basically finish the rest of your quests (should be around 30-ish at this point). These are simple quests, at this point I was in such a sleepy/boring state that I was looking to complete Environmental Awareness (a quest you get when you get off the submarine-goblin-gizmo) somewhere in the cave!  I felt a bit derpy when I found out you have to go outside and above the cave to find the mobs for this cave. Don't waste your time and make the same mistake! :-)
The quests end with you having to defend the rift, the Throne of the Tides, where Neptulon resides. You can get two extra achievements whilst doing the 130 quests in Vashj'ir, so if you are an achievement hunter like me, its only a bonus!
Lastly I'm going to give you a few tips what could become in handy when you travel to Vashj'ir for the first time to finish up your Sinking into Vashj'ir.
First of all, be aware of Whale Sharks - and other ?? level monsters. They have a huge hitbox, so take your distance from them. There a 'snake'ish kind of creature roaming around Nespirah, its not worth your time since it doesnt drop anything of value. I've also seen a different kind of kraken, familiar to the lurker below in SSC, in the far distance roaming, but I havent gotten close to it whilst I was doing these quests. I did them all in a row, so I never had to go back from the city/flightpoint to my quest hub.
Second, take your much needed breaks when doing quests, always stay at the quest hubs in between quests if you need to go afk. I didn't do that, and I struggled to understand the quest-log at certain times. It's not good!
And last, start off with enough bagspace, ofcourse if you are going to quest, you'll get lots of sea stuff, and perhaps you will be lucky enough to encounter Poseidus.
Goodluck and most of all, try to have fun. Happy questing!

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