Monday, September 24, 2012

Are you ready for Mists of Farmdaria?

So I've leveled my Archaeology up from 100 to 500-ish (for the fourth time around), tried my best to clear out as much from my bag and crafted some dreamcloth to get a bit of a headstart leveling my tailoring. Eventhough I did not achieve my goal to get 14k achievement points, I've gotten pretty close in such a relatively short time. Started out with 13360 points.. and I ended up with..

That's almost 600 points in 20 days :-)
I didnt manage to finish all the achievements in pvp, still lacking some for the Battlemaster meta, but that's ok, since I'll be doing bg's for honor in MoP anyway.
My plan is to level as fast as possible to level 90, and see from there what I'll do, perhaps I'll start leveling my pet afterwards, or do some archy.. Oh well, we'll see, so many new things to do!
I found a set that would pretty much fit the expansion and the upcoming new adventures that come along with it. I focused pretty much on the 'farming' aspect, since that's what it's mostly gonna be for a couple of weeks (farming pets, cloth, some more pets, vegetables..)

With messy hillbilly hair included -
staff shown without enchant

As usual, here is the list of items
Weapon : Conifer Cone Staff (If you are lucky, you can get this for a steal from AH)

I have alot of things to add to this list, there are many alternatives and such. What I wouldn't give to obtain a pair of Kurkenstoks.. Perhaps going to alliance and back would solve basically all my shoe issues.. Hmm.
Anyway, I tried to create an image that I'd be wearing it around my neck, like in the movies.. but I suppose I can just say that I'm allergic to hay, and therefore I shall cover my nose..

If you do not like these dorky socks-in-sandals, perhaps you'll find Abjurer's Boots to be a better alternative.
The headpiece can also be a simple hat of any colour.
If you want to stick to red, Crimson Felt Hat or the alliance quest item : Mirren's Drinking Hat.
I prefer red to go with the blue pants and so on, so I went for a Red Lumberjack Shirt. The shirts are also available in green, yellow and blue.

The gloves and wrists were difficult to match, and I'm not sure if I'm entirely satisfied on the result on the set, but hey, its a fun-mog and I hope everyone gets the hint that I'm going for the hillbilly look. I swapped my
Cindercloth Gloves and Deathsilk Bracers last minute for an easier option that matches the gold-ish colour on my belt and legs. With the gloves and the bracers I tried to find minimal showing/blending items that fade in the dark shade of red, so if you prefer that, I posted the links for those items too.

Since the overalls are a chest item, the legs do not really matter if you're not too picky like me, heh. The 'pipe' of the overalls change depending on what kind of leg item you are wearing, so for example with a Simple Kilt they will extend into a 'dress' - So you have to imagine that the lowerpart of the kilt gets added to the overalls. I did not use this because its a different shade of blue and I personally didn't think that it matched well together.
The Aurora Pants looked best since the 'pipe' turns into a bit of a flared jeans kinda look.

With my Glyph of Verdant Spheres it shows green 'limes' around my toon, but you can also make them dissappear whilst not in combat with Glyph of Subtlety

Last but not least, I want to wish everyone a great time in MoP, be sure to take breaks when leveling and most of all have fun ofcourse! <3

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