Monday, December 17, 2012

Pink candy cane

It's christmas next week, so I'm quite busy preparing all sorts of stuff. Baking something for a contest - and, I'm going on a cruise today to get some christmas shopping done :-)
I've had this mog for a couple of weeks. I've always liked this robe, but never really bothered to make a mog around it. I found some items in my bank and figured, hey, this actually matches quite well together(in my opinion) It's a simple model robe, but the way it hands on the shoulders is gorgeous. It's also just a greenie, silly how some items look so well
I like how the little 'shiny' gaps in the shoulders match my weapon and headpiece. However, the set looks great without it too.

Items used on my Pink candy cane -set:

Love the backview, looks great on a female!
Weapon : Starshard Edge

Alternatives : This time I dont have alot of things to add, you can swap the belt for a white/beige belt : Replica Virtuous Belt. But I felt that the purple belt matches the outlining of the shoulders better.


  1. I love this robe, too, and those shoulders are so pretty with it!

    Those Soulcloth gloves are a really a Must Have item for cloth Transmogrification because they fit so nicely under bell sleeves and the gold cuff goes with just about everything. :D

  2. Yeah, definitely - It's almost getting embarrasing to use the same gloves over and over in every mog, hehe