Saturday, December 8, 2012

Black & Gold - a Plate (blacksmith) set

Shown with the Rockwurm Plate Handguards
Dressing up alts is something I'd like to do when I am burned out of inspiration with my current main, my warlock. Cloth has alot of options, and its very versatile - hence cloth being my favorite gear type. I've had this set for quite a while on my deathknight, I dragged my partner along with me back then to be able to do the Essence bosses in Black Temple, and I had the luck of it Crown of Empowered Fate dropping quite soon.
They have made Black Temple easily soloable with patch 5.1 - So if you want this headpiece, I suggest you add Black Temple to your weekly raid farm list. You can also get a chance to get
Soul Cleaver whilst you are there, an nice looking golden two handed axe that I oh so desire.
I saved my original set from the leveling start zone, only to realize later that the belt doesnt actually show. In some cases that may have been a downside, but for this set, its rather perfect. Dont worry though, I have added an alternative belt for non - deathknights or for the deathknights who have deleted their set way back.

List of the items used for my Black & Gold plate (blacksmith-only) set :

Weapon : Currently I am using my Firemaul of Destruction, but I recently found a better alternative that fits the set better  - Engraved Hammer. I can't show it to you because my deathknight is still level 85, and the weapon requires you to be level 88. 

Shown with the Replica Gauntlets of Valor
Alternatives : I am using Shattered Hand Vambraces with my Rockwurm Plate Handguards since it shows a tiny edge of gold above the gloves. You can also use the Replica Gauntlets of Valor, the wrists are not visible then.  For the blacksmith-only shoulders, well as a plate class I've always thought that going blacksmith was the best option - It still brings good raiding potential for MoP aswell. However, if you still have the Brackshell Shoulders in your inventory, they go pretty well with this set too. A two-handed axe that goes well with this set would be Soul Cleaver

Ps : I got a bit bored last night and ended up fiddling in photoshop to remake my blogbanner in holiday spirit. Do you like it?


  1. that set looks great with the pet.

  2. Very nice! Grats on getting that breastplate :) I've been thinking about making a similar set, but I'll probably use the Truesilver breastplate. I'm not sure that the Truesilver breastplate would be any easier to find, but I already have one in the bank!

  3. Thanks you all :) @ Kamalia, I believe they took out the pattern/ability to learn how to craft the truesilver breastplate in Cataclysm, I'm not really sure. It's a lovely chestpiece, would love to see how you would use it :-)