Thursday, November 15, 2012

Feeling blue

It's getting colder outside by the minute, I live in Finland so the winters are beautiful, but oh so terribly cold.
I know it sounds strange,but when december comes,  I feel that it's somehow still the warmest month of the year.
Christmas is my favorite holiday, so much warmth surrounding those couple of days.
Curling up on the couch with a good movie, a cup of hot chocolate and some fresh made baked goods makes up for the cold outside.

I got new shoulders, in a colour I didnt have before - light blue. I've been after them for a couple of months, but I wasnt very lucky, untill about a week ago when me and a friend of mine went to clear 10 man normal. I had a mog all ready to wear once I got the missing key

Items used on my winter set :


  1. this is very beautiful and weather apropriate :)

    female blood elves can be so nicely dressed if u have a good amount of imagination and the dedication to make it reality!at least thats what u've proven time and again.

    P.S what is that cute little fellow at ur feet?


  2. Thanks for your kind words Lefaye :)
    Bloodelves are great for fashion purposes, too bad their racial arent all that :-(
    The tiger pet is my spectral tiger cub, it was a birthday present from a few years ago - its from trading cards.