Thursday, November 29, 2012

But it's so cosy by the fire

The background of the picture doesnt do the set enough justice,
but I prefer to pose on the same spot for my blog pictures.
The dark colour around the shoulders is hardly noticeable in sunlight :-)
It's been a while since I've posted, I've been leveling up my monk - doing some gearing for transmog and raiding, so I apologize for the delay between posts.
I've had this transmog for quite some time on my hunter - I only yesterday got an other idea for her transmog set, so I set out to farm the last pieces for that set some time soon. Red looks great on fierce characters (mainly dpsers), female blood elf hunters are definitely one of them.

I'd preferred to show you a headpiece that goes along with the set, but sadly, I wasnt able to obtain such a thing.

Items used on my fiery mail/hunter set :
Weapon : Skyfire Hawk-Bow
Alternatives :
For a headpiece I'd wanted to use Crown of Destruction, drops from Ragnaros (molten core) - Ever since 5.1 it's great to go for this item aswell as the many newly added pets such as
Core of Hardened Ash.  
If you still run Ragnaros heroic regularly for the mount (reduced droprate) - perhaps you could also scoop up a Crown of Flame which is also a nice headpiece in the same colour range as the set.
I've been using a golden/yellow bow - so I found that a golden belt smooths out the contrast between the bright red. If you prefer to use a red belt, perhaps with a red bow, the Engraved Girdle  is your best friend!

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